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Oct 2014 | Vol. 1 - Issue 4

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Oct 2014 - Vol. 1 - Issue 4
A Review
Criterias For Post Selection - A Review (Download PDF of This Article)
Kapil Singla1, Ruby Singla2, Gaurav Kansal3, Yatish Bansal4

Abstract : Endodontic treatment is largely performed on teeth significantly affected by caries, multiple repeat restorations and/or fracture. Already structurally weakened, such teeth are often further weakened by the endodontic procedures designed to provide optimal access and by the restorative procedures necessary to rebuild the tooth. Loss of inherent dentinal fluid may also effect an alteration in tooth properties. It is therefore accepted that endodontically treated teeth are weaker and tend to have a lower lifetime prognosis. They require special considerations for the final restoration, particularly where there has been extensive loss of tooth structure. The special needs involve ensuring both adequate retention for the final restoration and maximum resistance to tooth fracture. This is achieved by proper selection of post system that provides maximum retention, yet removes as little as possible of the remaining subgingival tooth structure. Several new dowel systems are available for the restoration of endodontically treated teeth, but little is known about how effectively these dowels seal the restored teeth. This paper provides an insight into the various post and core systems available, the criteria and methods for their selection and cementation

A Review
Evidence Based Dentistry, Relevance In Clinical Practice : A Review (Download PDF of This Article)
Arun Singh Thakur1, Nivedita Rewal2, Bhanu Pratap Singh Kotwal3, Nanika Mahajan4

Abstract : Evidence based dentistry is the need of hour. Ever increasing literature on medical research has made it more critical that a clinician should understand the level and reliability of evidence. Evidence based dentistry is important for practitioners so that they should incorporate most recent technologies and practices in their clinical practice. This article has briefly reviewed how Evidence based dentistry (EBD) is done and what are sources of evidence and hierarchy of evidence available.

Case Reports
Idiopathic Multiple Impacted Unerupted Teeth: A Rare Case Report (Download PDF of This Article)
Bhaswar Bhattacharya1, Nitin Khanduri2, Manu Batra3, Mudit Gupta4

Abstract : Multiple impacted permanent teeth are usually related to syndromes, metabolic and hormonal disorders. However, in some cases, impaction of multiple teeth is not associated with any syndrome. In this report, we present a case of 14-year-old female patient with missing teeth. Radiographs revealed multiple impacted permanent teeth, though medical and family history along with physical examination was not suggestive of any syndromes. If other investigations are negative, an idiopathic case of multiple impacted teeth is suggested to be the possible diagnosis. The objective of this report is to increase awareness of such cases especially in the absence of hereditary/genetic/metabolic factors usually inherent in such scenarios. The patient management in such cases needs to be planned specifically from a multidisciplinary standpoint.


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