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January 2015 | Vol. 2 - Issue 1

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January 2015 - Vol. 2 - Issue 1
A Review
Denture Adhesives From Then Till Now (Download PDF of This Article)
Dr. Priyanka Jain1, Dr. Rohan Sikka2, Dr. Dhruv Arora3, Dr. Manish Khatri4

Abstract : Alveolar ridge resorption compromises denture retention and stability, rendering a denture loose and non-serviceable to the patient. Patients with complete dentures require unique considerations due to their compromised oral anatomy, reduced adaptive capacity, and systemic conditions or medications that further affect denture retention and stability, all of which reduce the patient’s ability to successfully wear their prostheses. While these biologic and physiologic changes compromise denture function, new techniques have been created to enhance both the retention and fit of aging prostheses. These techniques include the use of denture rebasing or relining, denture adhesives, and endosseous dental implants. In addition to proper fabrication of the prosthesis, auxillary retention and stability can be achieved by the use of denture adhesives for improved fit and comfort of the denture which further enhances the patient’s chewing ability and confidence. This article will review the use of commercially available denture adhesives.

Case Reports
Primary Herpetic Gingivostomatitis - Detailed Review And Report Of A Case (Download PDF of This Article)
Cheranjeevi Jayam1, Anila Bandlapalli2, Kapil Rajiv Sharma3, Deepak Chauhan4

Abstract : Primary Herpetic Gingivostomatitis(PHG) is a common infection of oral mucosa in children due to viral origin. PHG is accompanied with several prodromal symptoms like fever, anorexia, irritability, malaise and headache. Intraorally there is severe stomatitis (inflammation of oral mucosa), presence of several pin point vesicles that rupture to give raise to ulcers.Several oral conditions occur commonly that resemble PHG leading to wrong diagnosis of the condition. Improper diagnosis can lead to improper treatment planning in children.The authors propose a treatment algorithm for management of PHG.

Original Article
Knowledge Attitude And Awareness Of Oral Health Among Chc Staff Members In Udaipur District. (Download PDF of This Article)
Neeldipsinh Jadeja1, Rupam Gupta2, Swapnil Oza3, Jay Trivedi4, MandeepsinhGohil5, Divya Choudhary6

Abstract : Background: Poor oral health reflectssocial inequalities; hence the prevention of oral diseasesshould be a priority in developed and underdevelopedcountries around the world. Medical practitioners mustplay an active role in oral health promotion. Properknowledge of oral diseases is crucial in medical practice Materials and Methods: Medical practitioners having minimum qualification of M.B.B.S, B.A.M.S, B.H.M.S and who were resident of Udaipur district were included in the study. 4 CHC were selected from each 4 different directional zones of Udaipur city. 100 medical practitioners from 4 different zones (25 from each zone) were randomly selected for the present study. The data pertaining to their knowledge, attitude and practice about oral health was gathered using a self administered questionnaire containing 10 questions, among which 4 were open ended questions and 7 closed ended. The questions were divided into those which assessed the knowledge of oral diseases, measures to maintain their oral hygiene and their attitude towards oral health. Results: Majority of the respondents (93%) considered that poor oral hygiene, and 63% of the medical practitionersconsidered sweet food as a cause of dental caries. 86% agreed that there existsa relationship between oral and general health. Around 78% of the medical practitioners brushed their teeth once daily and only 22% brushed twice a day. All of them used toothbrush and paste to clean their teeth. 6% of the medical practitioners had habit ofchewing tobacco and 10% were smokers. Conclusions: medical professionals possess poor level of awareness regarding oral disease impact on general health and also very few maintained their routine dental check up.


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