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July 2015 | Vol. 2 - Issue 3

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July 2015 - Vol. 2 - Issue 3
Original Article
Alteration In Serum Lipid Level - An Indicator Of Oral Cancer : A Pilot Study (Download PDF of This Article)
Rajiv Mengi1, Rashmi Metgud2, Nidhi Khajuria3, Sahul Lerra4

Abstract :

A Review
Viral Role In Periodontal Diseases A Review Article (Download PDF of This Article)
Dr. Manik Sharma1, Dr Bhavna Slathia2

Abstract : Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease affecting supporting tissues of the teeth. However, questions in understanding of this disease remains unanswered as to what initiates change of gingivitis to periodontitis, biologic basis for disease remission & relapse and what causes site specificity. Viruses are well-known to cause disease in oral cavity but its role as a causative agent in periodontal diseases remains unclear. A deep understanding regarding the etiopathogenesis of these diseases is important for development of suitable preventive and therapeutic measures. The diverse opinion about the role of viruses in etiology of periodontal diseases has led to various clinical studies. The review focuses on the studies of viral cause for periodontal diseases marking a turning point in periodontal research, which until recently was centered almost exclusively on bacterial etiology.

A Review
Early Childhood Caries- Risk Factors, Influences, Determinants And Prevention (Download PDF of This Article)
Navjot S. Sasan1, Rahul Kaul2, Paras Angrish3

Abstract : Tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease - 5times more common than asthma, 4 times more common than earlychildhoodobesity, and 20 times more common than diabetes.Despite early childhood caries (ECC) being largely preventable, it is fairly present in population and is a source of concern for parents and the clinicians. In this study, the authors review the risk factors, parental influences , social and behavioural determinants in infants , toddlers and preschool children and the prevention strategies that must be undertaken both by parents and clinicians to overcome this otherwise - preventable disease.

Case Reports
A Simplified Approach For The Fabrication Of A Hollow Denture Using Vinyl Polysiloxane - A Case Report (Download PDF of This Article)
Reena Sirohi1, Renu Gupta2, R. P. Luthra3, Naresh Kumar4, Savisha Mehta5

Abstract : Retention, stability and support are the basic principles on which the success of a complete denture relies on. The severely resorbed maxillary edentulous arches with increased interarch space provide decreased support, retention and stability. The consequent weight of the processed complete denture only compromises them further. The severely atrophied jaw can have various treatment options. The treatment option described in this article is hollowing the denture so as to reduce the weight of denture, thereby enhancing stability and retention.


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